San Diego County Office Trailers

Golden Office Trailers are San Diego’s best temporary office solution providers. From standard office trailers to customized double width trailers, we offer them all. We don’t just sell, but also offer mobile offices on rent and lease. Not just new, but we also deal with used office trailers in San Diego.


Our temporary office solutions are primarily used as;

  1. The Construction Industry: Temporary office trailers are often used as sales offices and site offices in the construction industry.
  2. Real Estate: We have supplied mobile offices to companies in the real estate industry. These are primarily used as site offices where clients can sit and discuss things in detail.
  3. Health Care Industry: Our mobile trailers have served as temporary clinics, labs, during health camps arranged by health professionals all over San Diego.
  4. Auto Dealership: Running a road show or putting up a stall at an exhibition? Our mobile trailers have been used as staging areas and even as exhibition spaces by several auto dealers in San Diego. They also serve as temporary offices for onsite operations.
  5. Education: These modular offices can be used as onsite training rooms in any industry.
  6. Other used: Besides the above, our mobile offices have also been used on movie locations, for storage purposes, for events, and as administrative offices in various industries.

It is our promise to you that…


All our trailers comply with mandatory federal and state regulations. We are registered with CCR’s and have the approval of the State of California to offer mobile office spaces for residential, industrial and commercial purposes.


Besides ready to use trailers, we also offer to customize them as per your requirements. Speak to one of our sales staff or fill out the Request A Quote and one of our staff will contact you to discuss your requirements and design a layout that will fit your needs.


We also offer;

  1. Free Delivery and Return
  2. Easy Finance Options
  3. Regular Discounts

All of these and much more at affordable rates!