Orange County Office Trailers

Golden Trailers Inc. has more than 3 decades of experience of offering temporary office solutions in and around Orange County. We have served hundreds of clients from various industries including construction and healthcare. Some of our clients include companies in;

  1. Construction Industry: Our mobile office solutions in Orange County are offered for construction site to function as onsite offices, sales offices and administrative offices.
  2. Healthcare Industry: We provide mobile office trailers to be used as labs and mobile clinics.
  3. Auto Dealers: Our temporary office trailers have been used by auto dealers in Orange County for staging and as display stalls in exhibitions.
  4. Education: These trailers serve as training rooms for onsite training.
  5. Other Industries: Trailers are also used for movie locations, events and other government and industrial uses.

Quality Assurance:


All our trailers are made using high quality materials and meet state, federal and local code. We are registered with the CCR’s and have the approval of the State of California to manufacture residential, commercial and industrial trailers.


Service Features:

  1. Customer Service: Call us at (951) 678-2177 for any query related to our service. One of our customer service staff will be online to help you.
  2. Free Delivery and Return: We promise to deliver and return your trailer free of cost anywhere in and around Orange County, California.
  3. On time Delivery: It is our promise to reach the agreed destination on time every time without fail.
  4. Easy Finance: Call us or download the credit application form for easy finance for purchase.
  5. Customizable: You can either choose from our ready to use trailers or contact us for a customized trailer design. One of our staff will be at your place to discuss the layout and design. We assure you that the final layout would exactly match your expectations.

We don’t just sell, rent or lease new trailers, but also deal with used office trailers in Orange County.


Golden Office Trailers are the best in the industry!