Apple Valley Office Trailers

Office Trailers in Apple Valley and Surrounding Areas for Rent/Sale

At Golden Office Trailers, we sell/rent office trailers that serve as temporary and permanent offices in different industries. Our trailers are widely used in the construction, hospitality, education, healthcare and other related industries. Whether you need them as temporary office unit or as sales offices, we offer you the best modular office solutions in Apple Valley.


Mobile Trailer Features:

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Completely finished interiors
  • Lighting and furnishing
  • Secure exterior doors with deadbolts
  • Secure roofing
  • Partition on request
  • Customized interiors


Our Modular Office Solutions are Suitable for:

  1. Construction Office: Our units are used by construction offices as sales offices, meeting rooms and store rooms. The rooms can be customized to add partitions, white boards, etc.
  2. Guard Offices: Our mobile trailers can be used as guard offices where your security personnel can use. You can either choose from pre fabricated designs or ask for a custom built design to match your specific requirements.
  3. Job Site Office: Our office trailers serve as the perfect temporary office for various on site jobs.
  4.  Exhibition Stalls: Golden Office Trailers portable units can be used for exhibitions to display your product. These are completely customizable and lend themselves well to serve every purpose.


Why to Choose Golden Office Trailers:


Affordable Prices: Mobile office solutions from Golden Office Trailers are affordable. We offer several payment plans suited to meet various budgets and preferences. Choose a plan that’s apt for you and get going.


Flexible Pricing: Cannot afford payment at one go? Choose from one of our flexible payment solutions to buy or lease your office trailer.


Prompt and Professional Customer Service: We take utmost pride in our responsive customer service and ensure that the client’s needs are taken care of without delay. Our customer service team shall be of service to you 24 x 7 to ensure immediate assistance.


Durable Trailers: Our office trailers are made of good quality galvanized roofing with wood exterior and steel reinforced doors. Security is an absolute guarantee with our trailers.


Customizable: Clients can customize trailers to suit their needs and arrange for extra fittings such as plan tables, customize interiors, etc.


Available in Different Sizes: You can either choose from 8’ wide units or cabins of 10 and 12’ wide units.


Free Delivery – Free Return: We offer free delivery and return of all trailers booked through us in and around Apple Valley.