Palm Springs & Coachella Valley Office Trailers

At Golden Office Trailers, we offer office trailers on sale and on rent in and around Palm Springs. Our trailers are popularly used as on site offices, meeting rooms and storage rooms in various industries.


Our Portable Office Units are Suitable for:

  1. The Construction Industry:  Office trailers are used as modular office spaces in the construction industry.  Buying or renting these units is cost effective when compared to constructing conventional brick and mortar offices. They’re also used as meeting rooms, storage rooms and as temporary guard rooms at construction locations.
  2. Exhibitions: Our trailers have been rented in the past by auto dealers to display their vehicles for exhibitions and road shows. Real estate agents often acquired our trailers to use them as mobile offices.
  3. Mobile Clinics and Laboratories: The healthcare industry makes use of our trailers to serve as clinics and laboratories for their health campaigns.
  4. Training Rooms: These trailers can also be used as onsite training rooms in various industries.
  5. Other Uses: Our mobile office solutions are often used whilst shooting movies and by other government agencies.


Why Should You Choose Golden Office Trailers:

Golden Office Trailers promises that all our trailers comply with regulations mandated by the Federal and State authorities. Our service feature includes;

  1. Free Delivery and Free Return: We offer free delivery and return anywhere around Palm Springs.
  2. Affordable: Our rent charges are affordable and reasonable.
  3. Finance Options: Should you opt to purchase our trailers, we also offer easy finance options.
  4. On time delivery: We undertake to deliver your trailers at the appointed place on time every time.
  5. Customer Service: Call Golden Office Trailers to speak to one of our customer service personnel and discuss your requirements or fill out the contact form on our website- one of our staff will call you within an hour.
  6. Customizable: You can either choose to buy/rent our standard trailers or get it completely customized as per your requirements. Additional features such as carpeting, setting up plan tables, adding custom doors, etc. can be added.  Simply call us or fill the contact form and one of our staff will be at your place to discuss the layout and modify it as per your specification.


Mobile Office Features Include:


  1. Air conditioning and heating arrangements
  2. Lighting arrangements
  3. Rest rooms and private office space
  4. Customizable interiors
  5. Secure exterior doors with dead bolts
  6. Steel steps with hand rails
  7. Spacious with provision for partition